Minimum of 3 pairs

All three layers of our custom inserts are made with EVA. We begin by scanning your bio foam imprints with one of our two scanners. The orthotic is built on our computer with software by DELCAM from England. It’s saved and sent to our mill to carve a positive in styrofoam. The positives are then placed in vacuum presses so the pink/blue material can be formed. The white material is glued on and ground to provide extra arch support. We use our template to draw grind lines in order to insure proper fit in your patient’s shoe. Remember: these are custom. Please inquire about grinding preferences.

Our price list and accommodations offered can be found on our custom order form.




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Satisfaction Guarantee

Customer Service and Satisfaction are our top priority. We stand behind 100% of our products. If at any time you are unhappy with our product due to the workmanship or defect of material, please return the item. Upon receipt, we will correct or replace the product at No Additional Cost. This warranty does not cover natural wearing of the item, misuse of an item, or alteration of the item by any person other than Ped•Lite.